Cut Up Tim Collins

This gay porn star Tim Collins is absolutely cut up.   His abs are absolutely killer and they remain cut up right down to his beautiful cock.   Tim also goes by the name Brandon Lewis.   In this set from Freshman X, Tim Collins pulls up his shirt to show off his abs, but we all know you came hear to see his beautiful cock, and that’s exactly what he gives you.

Tim Collins Abs

With a bod like this, its easy to see why Tim became so damn popular once he made his debut in gay porn.

Tim Collins In Boxers

Off come the pants, which leaves the sexy Tim sitting in only his boxers and white tube socks.   Let’s see that dick Tim.

Tim Collins Cock

Out comes Tim’s cock.   Tim has pulled down his boxers just far enough so that his nut sack has slipped over the top of his underwear.   Now lets see you stroke that cock Tim.   Lucky for us, that is exactly what he does in the full set.  He ends up busting his nut all over those cut up abs.

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  1. Randal J. Loy says:

    Whether you use the name Tim Collins or Brandon Lewis, I think you are one of the hottest men in porn these days. It’s your personality, smile, and versatility that attract me to you — other than your honest, good looks.

    I believe from different interviews you’ve given that you’re truly a bisexual man — another of my “hot ticket” items.

    My question is this: When are we going to get to see you act in a truly bisexual scene — one where I get to see your talents at pussy-eating?

    Your #1 Fan,

    Randal in Kansas City

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