Tim Collins Fucks Jake

Earlier we saw Tim Collins with his buddy Jake Woods as they painted the inside of the house, but took a little break for a quick blowjob.   Well today we got the rest of the set where the blowjob was not the end.   In this full set from Freshman X, we find Tim Collins sitting on the ground which his hard cock up Jake’s ass.   Enjoy as Jake bounces up and down on the firm cock in the reverse cowboy position.

Tim Collins Lick Asshole

Tim has his buddy Jake up on the ladder stark naked.   Tim wanted him up there so he had a great shot and easy access to lick his asshole.

Tim Fucks Jake Woods

With Jake having one leg up on the ladder, Tim has easier access into that tight asshole, and he takes his shot.

Tim Collins Fucks Jake

We got action!  These gay boys are fully engaged in some hardcore anal sex now.   Jake Woods is bouncing up and down on Tim’s hard cock.   Tim is loving the grip on his cock, and he shows his appreciation for it by also jerking Jake off.

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